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Route Planner & New Zealand Map

Our New Zealand Route Planner tool provides detailed information on the distance between any two locations in New Zealand. Additionally, it displays the driving directions between the two locations while calculating various parameters for car routes in New Zealand.

Plan your New Zealand itinerary

– generate routes from an arbitrary starting point to your desired tourist attraction in New Zealand, such as a recreational center, camping site, or hotel
– calculate the driving time between locations with Route Planner New Zealand
– estimate the fuel consumption and cost based on the length of the route

Route Planner New Zealand

Get Driving Directions for Touring in New Zealand with Google Maps

You can also use Google Maps to get directions for driving, public transit, walking, ride-sharing, cycling, flight, or motorcycle in New Zealand. The best route to your destination is shown in blue, while all other routes are in gray. >>



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We offer you the flexibility to either choose from our existing itineraries or create your own itinerary based on your preferences, requirements, and travel dates. To begin, just get in touch with us and receive your personalized itinerary within 48 hours.

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You can upgrade your itinerary by taking a private car and an English-speaking driver/guide for the entire itinerary.


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