Communication system

The Communication system of New Zealand is quite typical for an industrialized nation. The communication system here is quite advanced and is in par with the rest of the world. Telephones The telephone industry here is quite advanced and modern. The total number of main lines in use is 1.92 million according to a count done in the year 2000 and Telephones – mobile cellular in use was 3.6 million according to the last count in 2005.

There are a couple of network operators namely the CDMA, EV-DO, GSM, HSDPA and UMTS systems.

Telephone system of Nz is awesome in case of both the international as well as the domestic systems. Domestic System comprise of Individual lines that are easily available to 99% of residences. There is no dearth of many electronic exchanges, optical fiber as well as many microwave links that connect several Kiwi cities.

There is a major presence of many submarine optical fiber cables spread between North Island and South Island. Radio Radio broadcast stations include AM 124, FM 290, shortwave 4 and there are approximately 3.75 million radios. Television Television broadcast stations comprise of a total of 41 stations.

The TV stations all firmly transmit 4 nationwide free-to-air networks along with 3 nationwide UHF pay TV networks. The stations also broadcast a few regional or local single transmitter stations.

Internet Service Providers in NZ is 36 according to the 2000 count and the total number of Internet users is 2.11 million according to 2002.

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