New Zealand Etiquette

Etiquettes in NZ are as important as anywhere else in the world. The traditional etiquettes are as follows:

Meeting and Greeting

. These are usually casual and at times just comprise of a simple handshake accompanied by a smile.
. New Zealanders usually move to first names quickly; however it is best to address them by their honorific titles as well as surnames till the point they themselves suggest coming to a more familiar level and call you by your first name.

Maori meeting and greeting customs

. The Maori people have distinct protocols about how the visitors should be welcomed and be seen off.
. In case of certain business dealings that take place within a tribal group, the welcoming protocols might just be practiced through the process of Powhiri that is nothing but a formal welcome taking place on a Marae.
. A Powhiri usually dictates where people sit and in what position should they sit in their group and also decides about who would speak.
. The welcoming speeches at these meets are given by the agreed speakers and these speeches always end with the most important speaker or by an elder speaker.
. Mostly the speeches are given in the Maori language while each one of the speeches are accompanied by a traditional song.

The NZ people also have certain Gift Giving Etiquettes that involve the following:

It is a custom to bring a small gift like flowers, chocolates, or a book about your home country for the hosts and these gifts should not be lavish.
. All the gifts are opened when received.

Dining Etiquette of NZ comprise of:

. In case of a more formal dining occasion an even more strict protocol is maintained.
. You should wait to be told where to sit.
. All the meals are often served family-style.

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