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With a population of approximately 3,900 Kaikoura lies on a rocky peninsula near lush farmlands beneath the mountains. Captain Cook first discovered the peninsula believing it to be an island! Kaikoura is part of the popular Alpine Pacific Triangle – a touring route which links it with Hanmer Springs and the Waipara Valley Wine District.

Kaikoura whale watch day tour from Christchurch, Photo Credit: Miles Holden

Experience Kaikoura

  • Whales, dolphins, fur seals
  • Archeaological remains and Maori Pa sites
  • Snow capped mountains – rugged rocky coastline
  • Crayfish…crayfish…and more crayfish (Kai, the Maori word for food, Koura – crayfish)

You´ll ❤️ these great things to see & do…

  • Swim with dusky dolphins and watch the wandering albatross
  • Experience Kaikoura whale watch day tour from Christchurch
  • Experience the wilderness walk of a lifetime
  • Stop off at Ninn’s Bin and buy a “cray”
  • Check out the stunning Maori Leap Cave
  • Kaikoura coasf dining af Encounter Kaikoura
  • Take the Alpine Triangle Touring Route

Useful Kaikoura Resources

Today, the emphasis in Kaikoura is on the conservation of marine life, allowing visitors from all over the world to appreciate ocean life. Several different species of whale can be seen at different times of year. The clean sharp fin of the Orca is often sighted and schools of pilot whales are occasional visitors. The
fun loving Dusky Dolphin is everywhere, Fur seals, once almost hunted to extinction are now plentiful here.

Kaikoura Day Tours & Attractions

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Kaikoura Day Tour including Whale Watch


Spend your day getting close to nature. Travel by road from Christchurch through the rolling hill country of North Canterbury, enjoying the beauty of its rural pastoral scenes, to Kaikoura where mountains meet sea. Kaikoura is world renowned for the variety of marine mammals which can be seen, not least of all the giant sperm whales and the acrobatic Dusky Dolphins. On your arrival in Kaikoura you will be transferred to a whale watch tour; by boat, light aircraft or helicopter, the choice is yours. In the afternoon you will visit a seal colony where fur seals may be viewed at close quarters. On your return to Christchurch a stop will be made at a North Canterbury vineyard where a wine tasting has been arranged for your pleasure. Collected from your Christchurch accommodation Travel by road or train through the rural pastoral scenes of North Canterbury to Kaikoura where mountains meet sea On ar....
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