Health, Medication and Safety

With a little care and common sense you can be sure that your trip to New Zealand will be fun filled and enjoyable.
You do not need to be vaccinated against any certain disease to enter this country. While in New Zealand you can ask the police for help if you feel threatened and insecure. The emergency service number is 111, which can be dialed from any phone. A doctor’s certificate is a must if you are bringing in a huge quantity of medication. While on stay at any city in New Zealand if you are injured the ACC pays for all your treatment till you recover; however you cannot sue anyone for compensatory damages.

Although there are a few poisonous snakes and animals in New Zealand it is advisable that you take the prescribed safety precautions. The other aspects that need attention are the variable weather conditions, sand flies, giardia and sunburn. However with correct measures you can be sure of a splendid vacation. It is a good idea to pack a first aid kit when out on country strolls and hikes in remote parts of the country. To protect the common people from the ill effects of smoking cigarette smoking is banned in all public places, so if you are a smoker remember to some out.
It is mandatory to carry a doctor’s certificate for medication in your possession. The New Zealand Customs officials are very strict on this. There has to be a prescription to buy certain drugs in New Zealand.

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