ZORB Sidewinder

Price: Included in your tour package
Location: Rotorua
Duration: -
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The experience of rolling down a hill inside a giant inflatable ball has been an iconic adventure experience since Andrew and David Akers developed their first operation in Rotorua back in 1997.

Visitors are rewarded with spectacular views over Lake Rotorua and Mokoia Island as they Superman-dive into the ZORB ball. With a 350 metre long track; this is the world’s longest zig-zag ride. Up to three people can ride in a ZORB ball together, sliding in 40 litres of water (cool in summer, warm in winter) getting speed up on the straights before riding up the sides of the 6 massive corners. Riders must be over 5 years of age. Shorts, t-shirts and towels are available for hire.


  • You can’t give one or more of your rides to your mates
  • You can’t come back three days, three months, or three years later and try to use your third ride
  • You can’t take a puppy in there with you.

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