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Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, Christchurch

Price: Included in your tour package
Location: Harewood - 12 minutes from Christchurch Airport
Duration: 45 minutes
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Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, Christchurch


Willowbank Wildlife Reserve is located in Harewood, 12 minutes from Christchurch Airport and 25 minutes from Christchurch CBD.

Wildlife Reserve

Willowbank Wildlife is dedicated to being part of the conservation of native and endangered species educating customers and advocating for wildlife while providing entertainment to families and visitors. The Wildlife Reserve is divided into three sections – the farmyard section, the New Zealand section, and the Zoo/Exotics section.

Kiwi House

Kiwi Breeding - Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

The nocturnal kiwi house (there is no glass separating you from the kiwi) is open from 10.30 am daily with a 100% kiwi viewing guarantee. Independently walk through the reserve at your own pace as well as enjoy a 45-minute guided tour to get up close and learn about NZ’s unique native species.

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve Opening Hours

9.30am – 5pm everyday except Christmas Day, when we are closed.



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