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Waitomo Glowworm Caves Guided Tour

Price: Included In Your Tour Package
Location: Waitomo Glowworm Caves Visitor Centre
Duration: 1 hour
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Waimoto Glowworm caves

Waitomo Glowworm Caves Guided Tour: More than 30 million years ago, the legend of Waitomo began with the creation of limestone at the bottom of the ocean. Discover this ancient world with your expert tour guide bringing the Waitomo Glowwom Cave to life through story-telling its history, features and legends. Walk past stunning, delicate cave formations before taking a boat ride through the glow worm grotto. Glide silently through the starry wonderland of Arachnocampa Luminosa, thousands of magical glowworms, unique to New Zealand.

Regular one hour tours depart from the Waitomo Glowworm Caves Visitor Centre.


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