Church of the Good Shepherd Tour

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Location: Lake Tekapo
Duration: Half Day Tour
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Church of the Good Shepherd Tour, Photo by Sergio Del Rosso

The beautiful Church of the Good Shepherd

Picturesque by day and dazzling by night, Lake Tekapo is part of a UNESCO Dark Sky Reserve, making it the perfect spot for stargazing.

Lake Tekapo is about an 3 hours drive southwest of Christchurch in the Mackenzie Basin. The township faces north across the remarkable turquoise coloured lake to the mountainous drama of the Southern Alps. Lake Tekapo gets its intense milky-turquoise colour from the fine rock-flour (ground by glaciers) which is suspended in the water.

On the shores on the lake you’ll see the beautiful Church of the Good Shepherd, where the altar window frames a perfect view of Mount Cook. The church was built in 1935 for the pioneer families of the Mackenzie district, and it’s a popular photo spot for visitors.

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