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Tamaki Maori Village – Maori Culture

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Location: Rotorua
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Be welcomed into an authentic Maori village nestled in Rotorua forest, discover Maori art forms, ancient rituals and traditions, experience thrilling song and dance, and then share in a 3 course meal with your Maori hosts.

The Waka – Coach Journey to the Village
Enroute to Tamaki Maori Village, nestled in the thick of an ancient Tawa forest, your guide will instruct you on the rules of entering a Marae and the protocol you must observe. The visiting tribe must appoint a Chief to accept the peace offering and to represent those on your coach. Representation of your group is considered an honourable task in Maoridom. As you make your way to the village, you’ll learn about the great Maori migration – when Maori journeyed across the vast ocean in massive Waka (canoes) to New Zealand. You’ll also enjoy some fascinating Maori legends and stories from our history.

Te Marae – Exploring the Village
Step through the fortification and be transported from one world into another…You will be spirited back in time, to an era before the arrival of the European to capture the essence of a very proud people.The entire village comes to life, and as you walk around each small dwelling, you’ll see and learn about various art forms, traditions and ways of life for Maori.

Te Hangi – Lifting your Meal from the Earth Oven
After some time exploring the village, your Maori hosts now invite you into the fully-covered hangi pit area – where you will view the lifting of your authentic hangi meal!

Wharenui – The Sacred Meeting House
After some time exploring, the sound of a conch (shell-like horn) cuts across the village grounds and you are called into our sacred meeting house.This building represents an ancestor, and the massive carvings on its wall tell stories of our direct history.

Poroporoaki – The Closing Ceremony
The evening ends with the Poroporoaki, the official closing ceremony. There will be waiata (song) and whaikorero (speeches), before you are safely transferred back to you Rotorua City or your accommodation.

Opening hours

Open all year, except Christmas Day.

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