Lord Of The Rings Filming Locations & Palliser Bay Scenery

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Location: Wellington i-SITE Visitor Information Centre
Duration: Day Tour
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Lord Of The Rings New Zealand Tour Palliser Bay & Scenery With LOTR

World-famous LOTR filming locations

Get off the beaten tourist track on this tour of scenic diversity. This guided tour has everything from world-famous Lord of the Rings film locations to wondrous mountain ranges, elegant villages, boutique wineries, rural farmlands, and rugged and untamed Palliser Bay!

Visiting only the most breathtakingly scenic Lord of the Rings film sites, we venture along:

  • The Great River Anduin flowed through Middle Earth between the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood,
  • Hobbiton Woods, where the Hobbits hid from the Nazgul while fleeing the Shire. This film site on Mount Victoria also offers spectacular 360-degree views of Wellington City, harbor, and hills.
  • Helms Deep where the Orcs battled King Theodore of Rohan to overtake his stronghold, 
  • Rivendell where the room and the bed for Frodo’s recovery from the Sword attack by the Ring Wraiths was staged.
  • The charming towns of Featherston and Martinborough,
  • A top vineyard for wine tasting at Martinborough,
  • And the sleepy fishing village of Ngawi around the wild south coast.

Cape Palliser Bay Scenery

Cape Palliser Bay has fantastic natural coastal scenery and is the largest fur seal colony on the North Island. Seals are openly living in the grass on the roadside! A truly unique experience. A light lunch is included at a quaint town café.

Tour Departs

DAILY 8:30 am from central city accommodation on request and the Wellington i-SITE Centre


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