Nzone Skydiving Queenstown 12,000 ft/15,000 ft

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Location: Queenstown
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Expect sensory overload as your mind and soul fight against every natural self preservatory urge. The challenge is immense. Immense because the only thing preventing you from enjoying this, one of the most primal life shaping experiences, is your own mind. You must choose. To go through life able to say ‘yes I did it’, or to go through life knowing that you had the opportunity, but turned it down and walked away from becoming the complete person you could have been.

You will experience a 5 minute parachute ride, landing safely back at the skydive dropzone.

Courtesy transport to our Dropzone is inlcuded in the price

100kg weight limit, those under 18 require parental/guardian consent. Please be aware that skydiving is a very weather dependant activity and cancellations due to unsuitable weather conditions may occur, full refunds will be given if this occurs.

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