Kapiti Island Nature Tour

Price: Included in your tour package
Location: Wellington i-SITE Visitor Information Centre
Duration: Full Day Trip
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Kapiti Island Nature Tour: Kapiti Island offers a day tour and an overnight stay at the lodge for a more immersive experience. Kapiti Island Nature Tours is the only provider of an overnight stay on the island. Our family will share stories and show you the true beauty of New Zealand, which is very close to our hearts.

Kapiti Island is known as one of the most important conservation islands in New Zealand, providing a pest and predator-free environment for many of the country’s most endangered bird species.

However, Kapiti Island is not just a ‘conservation island’. For over eight hundred years, people have also lived on the island, and their history remains through the stories and legends passed down by their ancestors, as well as through historical sites and artifacts.

Whether you’re a local or visiting from overseas, seeing Kiwi birds in their natural habitat is an experience that should not be missed. Kapiti Island is home to over 1,200 Little Spotted Kiwi birds, making it the most prolific population of LS Kiwi to be found and one of the most reliable opportunities to see them in the wild.


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