Evening Glowworm Kayak Tour

Price: Included In Your Tour Package
Location: departing from Tauranga’s lakeside
Duration: 3.5 hour
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Evening Glowworm Kayak Tour: This three and a half hour tour begins nestled amongst Tauranga’s lakeside trees where you can appreciate fine New Zealand wines and delicious cheeses while watching the sunset over the rolling hills. At dusk professional guides lead you into the calm waters delivering a fascinating and informative brief along the way.

A narrow, high-sided canyon at the head of the lake is the home to thousands of glow worms. To ensure their luminescence the tour departs before sunset so by the time your reach your destination, it’s completely dark and displaying the magic of the enchanting glow worm canyon. This is the only place where glow worms and sea kayaking combines to provide a magical and truly unique experience.

The tour is suitable for ages 8 and above with no kayaking experience required.


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