Cadbury World Tour Dunedin

Price: Included in your tour package
Location: 280 Cumberland Street, Central Dunedin, Dunedin 9016, New Zealand
Duration: Half Day Tour
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Chocolate Lover’s Dream

The Cadbury World tour is a chocolate lover’s dream that overwhelms the senses! As you enter the factory, the enticing scent of Jaffas, Turkish Delight, or cocoa welcomes you in. But that’s nothing compared to the all-encompassing chocolate scent wafting through the kitchen. Not only will your nose be working overtime, but with hundreds of buttons being made as you walk by, thousands of Roses being packaged, and one tonne of melted chocolate cascading down five stories, your eyes will also have a feast to gaze upon. But don’t worry, your taste buds will have their chance too! In addition to receiving a bag full of samples, you’ll have the pure liquid joy of tasting melted, still-warm chocolate.

Cadbury Factory Site Location

Cadbury World is located in the center of Dunedin at the Cadbury factory site. The Visitor Centre is a colorful and educational environment with chocolate-themed displays where you can learn about the history of Cadbury and chocolate through the ages. You can even wake up your taste buds right at the start by trying a fresh cocoa bean!

At the end of your tour, you’re invited to browse through the Cadbury World Shop. Most children are so astonished at the sight of blocks and bars of chocolate and bags of lollies, that they turn in circles, eyes wide, unsure where to even begin. But, if you want another souvenir, one that will last longer than your chocolate or lollies, there’s plenty to choose from in the Shop as well! From T-shirts to the famous dancing Frieda cow, to mugs and glasses, and even to miniature replicas of the Ford trucks used in the 1930’s, there’s a piece of Cadbury for all visitors to take home with them!

Opening Hours – Cadbury Factory is permanently closed

Cadbury World Tours are available 7 days a week. Tours generally run from 9 am to 3.15 pm with extended hours over the summer season and school holidays.Cadbury World is closed 25th, 26th Dec and 1st, 2nd Jan

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