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Chatham Islands Tours

The Chatham Islands are a group of ten islands that are part of New Zealand and are located approximately 700 km away from inhabited land, separated by sea. The islands are well-known for their rock lobster and paua industries, as well as their diverse bird life. Although they were historically isolated, regular air service now connects them with the rest of the world.

The Chatham Islands are a popular tourist destination, offering many historic buildings, reserves, museums, and caves that cannot be found anywhere else. Visitors can explore Basalt columns, Moriori caves with dendroglyph trees, and petroglyph rocks, as well as visit the Seal colony. Popular activities on the islands include collecting fossilized shark teeth, going on fishing trips, scuba diving, and hunting wild sheep, wekas, or pigs.

However, it is important to note that public transport facilities are not available on the Chatham Islands. Visitors can take away meals from various destinations like Petre Bay Takeaways in Waitangi. Accommodation facilities are available at lodges situated approximately 12 miles away from Waitangi, and various motels and hotels in Chatham, including local pubs.

The climate of the islands is characterized by frequent changes and moderate rainfall.

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