Nomad Safaris Half Day Tours

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Location: Departs from Wakatipu Basin (Tour A) / Glenorchy (Tour B)
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Safari of the Scenes:
Explore the magical side of New Zealand and understand why this beautiful country was chosen to portray Middle-earth. The Queenstown area featured prominently in the filming of the incredibly popular Lord of the Rings trilogy. Nomad Safaris operate two different Lord of the Rings tours. The Safari of the Scenes – Wakatipu (Tour A) combines a true 4WD tour with film locations from the LOTR trilogy. The Safari of the Scenes – Glenorchy (Tour B) is the perfect sightseeing trip through the valleys beyond Glenorchy encompassing pivotal Lord of the Rings Scenes. Both Safaris of the Scenes can be done in one day for a truly exciting experience.

Details for Wakatipu Basin (Tour A)
Departs 8.30 am and 1.30 pm
Duration Allow 4 hours
Includes Refreshments and Goldpanning

Details for Glenorchy (tour B)
Departs 8.15 am and 1.30 pm
Duration Allow 4 1/4 hours
Includes Refreshments

Skippers Canyon:
Nomad Safaris offers a complete 4WD tour into the historic Skippers Canyon. The Nomad Safaris Skippers Canyon adventure is a half-day heritage tour that follows the rugged and once treacherous Skippers Road. Travel the road that was hacked by hand into the sheer cliff sides of the Shotover River Valley making this an exciting adventure the whole family will enjoy. As your guide navigates this awe-inspiring canyon you will visit many historic sites such as the Skippers Suspension Bridge and the township of Skippers. Visit the restored school house where you will gain a real insight into the local heritage through photos and histories of life in this tough environment. British Automobile Association voted Skippers Canyon Road as one of the 25 most scenic roads in the world.

Details for Skippers Canyon
Departs 8.30 am and 1.30 pm
Duration Allow 4 hours
Includes Gold Panning and Refreshments

A true 4×4 off road adventure which explores the historic gold mining town of Macetown. Long since abandoned after the gold rush Macetown has now been transformed into a Department of Conservation reserve. Ride the rugged road in the safety of Nomad Safaris 4x4s that ensures excitement and adventure crossing the Arrow River some 25 times each way. Immerse yourself in the history of this precious region by panning for gold and letting our knowledgeable guides teach you about the hardship and exhilaration these miners faced.

Details for Macetown
Departs 8.00 am and 1.30 pm
Duration Allow 4 1/4 hours
Includes Gold Panning and Refreshments

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