Mount Cook & Tasman Glacier Helicopter Tour

Price: Included in Tour Package
Location: Aoraki/Mount Cook
Duration: 35 minutes
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Mount Cook & Tasman Glacier Helicopter Tour: A trip to the South Island is incomplete without experiencing a Helicopter & Glacier Tour. Take a breathtaking scenic helicopter flight to explore the highlights of Aoraki Mount Cook National Park and enjoy a snow landing on New Zealand’s longest glacier. Get up close to hanging glaciers, blue ice, and deep crevasses, and feel connected to the alpine environment with 600 meters of glacier ice beneath your feet. The tour duration is 35 minutes.

Mt Cook & Tasman Glacier Helicopter Tour


Aoraki/Mount Cook, spanning 70,696 hectares, is the greatest alpine park in New Zealand, with the highest mountains and the largest glaciers. From reserves established as early as 1887 to protect the area’s significant vegetation and landscape, Aoraki/Mount Cook was formally established as a national park in 1953. The National Park is situated in the central part of the South Island, deep in the heart of the Southern Alps. Aoraki/Mount Cook village lies within the park, with Twizel being the nearest town outside.

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